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A secure and easy to use car finance price comparison and credit checking service to find the finance deal that best fits your profile - all done without affecting your credit rating.

CarFinanceChecker is a unique motor finance service which enables you to check your eligibility for a finance offer on the vehicle you want to buy from a motor dealer’s website or car portal. It is free and, importantly, does not impair your credit rating.

By using CarFinanceChecker, you’ll be able to find the finance product that best fits your credit profile and compare prices. We will also show you ways to increase the likelihood of getting that deal. The service is widely used by hundreds of dealers across the UK and has benefited 1000's of car buyers.

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Reasons To Check

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Free eligibility check

We do not charge for use of this service, take any credit card details or sell your data to third parties. You can use the service on as many cars you like to check the likelihood of approval from the dealer’s panel of lenders

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Your credit rating protected

We use a 'Quotation Search' to analyse your data. Lenders cannot see this, so your credit rating is not impaired.

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Find your best match

See the likelihood of approval against the dealer’s panel of lenders.

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Compare a range of products

Many dealers work with a number of lenders. Car Finance Checker will show you their current offers available on a range of products including; Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Loans.

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What will I see?

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Complete the information about you

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See the products available from the dealer’s panel of lenders and your eligibility against each one