How It Works

An online credit checking service which shows you the likelihood of being approved for finance on your next car. It doesn't impair your credit rating and is absolutely FREE.

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How It Works? returns a range of finance offers applicable to your chosen car based on the dealer’s panel of lenders. These lenders will have carefully selected by the dealer and have a working relationship with them. The lenders will provide a choice of products and the newer the car the more options you will have.

Each lender will look at an application for finance differently. This is often reflected through the rates they offer, with the lowest rates being offered to the most creditworthy customers.

Some lenders are happy to consider applicants that have experienced credit problems or have little credit history, typically they will charge more.

CarFinanceChecker uses a sophisticated credit decisioning engine which predicts the likely lending verdict from each provider of finance. Every lender uses a large amount of information within the process, which includes the following:

  • Vehicle information
  • Details of your finance requirements
  • Your personal circumstances
  • Information from your credit file

CarFinanceChecker uses the same or similar data to make its assessment.

Your Results

Once your personal information has been entered, CarFinanceChecker shows an “eligibility match” for each lender. These are displayed as follows;

  • High: A very good chance you will get an offer of finance from the specific lender.
  • Medium: You should get an offer of finance but their may be a few aspects about the deal or your personal information that have reduced the likelihood from very good to medium.

  • Low: You are less likely to get this deal based either on the structure of the dealer itself or your personal information.

The eligibility is not guaranteed and the actual decision, if you choose to apply to the lender, may well differ. Increasing the level of deposit is great way to increase the likelihood of approval. Reducing the duration of the agreement may also help, but you must ensure that you can afford the repayments and not tooverstretch yourself.

Along with the CarFinanceChecker results, you can also see a short video that will help you to understand more about each car finance product.

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Credit Searches

The type of search we use is called a 'Quotation Search'. This is not visible to lenders so you can obtain as many CarFinanceChecker checks as you like without creating a future finance problem. We do not charge you for using the service either. If you look at your credit file in the future, you will see a record and date that you have used the service, but no one else will be able to see this.


If you choose to apply (which is an option you may have once you have your results) then the lender will carry out a Credit Application search. These types of searches are visible to other lenders and too many can raise questions with lenders and actually impair your credit rating.


For ease of use has been designed to work across modern browsers and with all the leading smartphones and tablets. If you have any difficulties using the service with your device then please let us know and we'll try to get the issue resolved.

Why is it free?

We will inform the dealer about you, the vehicle of interest and your general results but won’t share with them any aspect of your credit file. Dealers or lenders may pay us a fee for this service. The dealership may choose to call you about the vehicle and arrange a test drive.

General information

CarFinanceChecker is a trading style of iVendi Limited, Llys Eirias, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8BW. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. As we introduce users of the service to both motor dealers and/or lenders, is authorised as a credit broker